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Empowering People, Not Politicians



Daniel Heitkamp:

Hunterdon County's Own

Born at Hunterdon Medical Center in 1993, Daniel Heitkamp has been a life-long resident of Hunterdon County. He attended school in the Flemington-Raritan School District and graduated from Hunterdon Central Regional High School in 2012. During his time there, he lead the school's Christian fellowship, as well as participating in the radio and performing arts programs. He also was heavily involved in community theater both with Readington Community Theater and Downtown Performing Arts Center in Lambertville. After attending Eastern University for Philosophy and Biblical Studies, Dan married his beautiful wife, Emily and bought a house in Lebanon Township where they both now live. Dan now works at Reach Beyond Therapy in Flemington as a behavioral therapist and mentor, as well as running the Sr. High Youth Program at Three Bridges Reformed Church with his wife.




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End the Republican Monopoly

Government monopolies are never good for its people, and the monopoly held by the Republicans in Hunterdon County is no different. My campaign will challenge that monopoly and open discussion that has been shut down by the establishment.

Private charity & Volunteerism

Private charity is always more effective and efficient than government welfare. As Freeholder, I will work to return the people's hard earned money back to them so that they may give to the most effective and most efficient charities. This will help our communities in the ways our communities need to be helped, without the force of government.


New Jersey has some of the highest property taxes in the country and is one of only three states with an average property tax rate above two. Hunterdon County is no exception. As Freeholder, I will continue to cut the county tax rate by making more programs self-funded and cutting wasteful spending, as well as working with the municipals and the schools to bring their rates down as well.

Small businesses

New Jersey is known for being among the worst states for business, because of its large amount of regulations. As Freeholder, I will work to eliminate restrictive regulations in Hunterdon County, and pressure Trenton to do the same.


Education is a power, and that power deserves to be in the hands of the parents. As Freeholder, I will stand up to Trenton, which has refused to expand the state's school choice program, while working with Hunterdon County schools to make certain that our children's education is as good as it can possibly be.

Government Transparency

A government that hides from its people, is no government of the people. As Freeholder, I will work to see that government becomes as transparent as possible, starting with the timely publishing of meeting minutes, agendas, and recordings for all government entities in the county.


Where liberty dwells, there is my country.
— Benjamin Franklin


I Want to Hear from You.

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